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The Le Cabanon Motel was original constructed in 1954 and the physical dimensions circa 1954 of the Guest Rooms, bathrooms and kitchens have not changed over the years and have not changed since we acquired the motel in mid 2012. Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) we have undertaken small projects and implemented changes to improve accessibility. However, we are not fully accessible to every individual with a disability depending on their particularly disability and need for accommodation. We have attempted to identify and describe features at the Le Cabanon Motel and its guestrooms in enough detail to reasonably permit individuals with disabilities to assess independently whether the Le Cabanon Motel meets their own accessibility needs. However, we cannot possible list each and every feature of every room, amenity, space or element applicable under the ADA. We are also aware that individuals with disabilities are not all the same and may require different or unique accessibility features to accommodate them. We encourage dialogue with our guests and persons interested in being guests and welcome any questions or concerns that you may have. Please contact our on-site Manager directly with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have:

On-Site Motel Manager
Le Cabanon Motel
504 North Ocean Boulevard
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
Telephone: (954) 941-6171
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: (954) 656-6460
SMS/Text: (754) 422-9769

The Following Features Are Available:

Parking Accessibility

  • 9 total non-standard size parking spaces are provided for the 9 units of the motel
  • The parking spaced have surface slopes of less than 2%
  • Accessible parking spaces (12’ wide with a 5’ access aisle) are not provided

Accessibility of Public Routes

  • An accessible route is provided from the parking area to the motel, pool and to the entrances of the registration area and guestrooms
  • An accessible route is provided from the sidewalk adjacent to North Ocean Boulevard to the motel, pool and to the entrances of the registration area and guestrooms.

Registration Area Entrance Accessibility

  • Entrance to the registration area is at least 32” wide.
  • Entrance to the registration area does not have an accessible door hardware.
  • Entrance to the registration area has a step at the threshold of greater than 1”.
  • Entrance to the registration area currently has a Ring doorbell which will be lowered and re-mounted at 48”.
  • The registration desk is 46” high but guests can be accommodated at a lowered table in the registration area.
  • Assistance will be provided to guests who cannot enter the registration area if they call the office at 954-941-6171.

Guestroom Accessibility

  • Guestrooms are not fully accessible and do not meet all of the requirements of the ADA.
  • Guestrooms are provided that meet some of the ADA’s accessibility requirements.
  • There are guestrooms with an accessible entrance (32” door width) provided but without an accessibility door hardware. We are in the process of replacing the current door hardware (with thumb latch) with accessibility door hardware.
  • Guestroom bathing facilities include a shower (but not a roll-in shower).
  • Guestroom beds include one bed per Guestroom (e.g. king, except one Guestroom has two king beds, and another has only two full beds).
  • Guestrooms will provide Braille room numbers at the entrance door.
  • Guestroom restrooms are not fully accessible and do not meet all of the requirements of the ADA.
  • Guestroom provides television with Direct-TV programming and hand held remotes, which do not have closed captioning features.
  • Guestrooms have analog alarm clocks which will be replaced with digital alarm clocks available with sound and a vibrating pad.

General Accessibility of Areas, Facilities and Amenities

  • Public areas/ facilities accessible for persons with disabilities.
  • Accessible tables are provided on the pool deck.
  • Service animals welcome (consistent with ADA)
  • An ADA pool lift for wheelchairs is not provided.
  • There is an accessible shower at the pool area.
  • Visual alarm for hearing impaired is not provided in public areas and registration area, but is supplied in the Guestrooms.